What to consider when choosing any type of health insurance plan?

  • List all of the doctors your family receives services from and verify if they are in-network.
  • What are the selection of specialists you have to choose from? Who are in network? How far away are the specialists?
  • What hospitals would your family attend if they need testing or surgery? What about an emergency? Are the hospitals in or out of the insurance network?
  • Are your pharmacy preferences in-network? Are your medications on the drug formulary? What tier are the medications classified? Are your medications a preferred or non-preferred brand?
  • What are the plan’s total costs? Did you count the premiums + deductibles + co-payments = affordability?
  • Will the plan pay any amount for care from providers outside the network?
  • Do you need any extra services such as eye or dental? Will your plan cover any of those extra expenses?
  • Will your plan of choice cover any services when you are away from home? What about your college age children, are they covered when they are at school?
  • How does this plan compare to other plans that may be available? Is this the best option for my family?